worcester travel

Made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the U.K. might not truly look especially united. Indeed, Scotland came near to considering independence back in 2014. However this historic state is loaded with fascination for the visitor, from remarkable towns and cities to dramatic countryside. England, Scotland, Wales and NorthernContinue Reading

college worth

The world of work is changing quickly and will change even more in the years ahead: so too will the challenges that your children face. Many people assume that if their children go to college and take a degree in one of the “safe” disciplines like law, medicine, or accounting,Continue Reading

cars exec chauffeur

At first glance, it appears like “chauffeur” is simply a cultured option to state “driver” — but that isn’t exactly true. Sure, chauffeurs and drivers both get you where you require to travel, however the difference between the two is more than just vocabulary — it’s an issue of service.Continue Reading

technology trends

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of technology trends. Here we highlight several of the biggest technology trends for 2019 and beyond that will affect the world in the next years. Topics include Smart Apps, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality (VR)Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Things, and more. AutonomousContinue Reading

europe train travel

Begin your route with a couple of days in the Danish capital Copenhagen – cycle around the cobbled streets and check out the design shops and Michelin-starred restaurants in Nyhavn. Then take the train over the Öresund Link bridge and tunnel into Sweden and on to Stockholm (5 hours). SpendContinue Reading

understanding art

What is art? When confronted with this question, one might point at a Van Gogh and say: “This is art!” But the metaphysician’s answer is different. The metaphysician wants a comprehensive definition encompassing everything we might point to when asked what art is. To do this, they continue in asking:Continue Reading

automation jobs

From self-checkout kiosks to self-driving cars, the rapid acceleration of technology and simultaneous growth of economic inequality over the last several decades have sparked new fears that artificial intelligence (AI) could soon eliminate a number of jobs. But while commentators have tended to focus on the question of whether automationContinue Reading